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WellHello? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

AFF does mutual matching, but they simply show the outcomes for those who’ve viewed you. But also, if you’re into really and truly into hardcore BDSM you also might have a shot, good luck with that one. Your searches are one-way (she matches yours, you may not fit hers) since because that generates huge flood of matches you visit, the "women galore" effect. Older smokin’ hot lingerie clad hotties from somewhere in the States. Many or most of them aren’t really matches for reason of age or distance, the two biggest eliminators. You understand pretty soon, if you would allow your willingly deluded self to understand, because their English is just odd, and they immediately start referring to you as love, beloved, hun, babe, or even love of my life, one and just love and the like.

It’s up to you to ascertain whose criteria *you* match, by opening every profile and checking out the Compatibilities chart. And things start not adding up: like I asked one these vixens from Nevada if she liked football and she enthusiastically responded that oh did she ever, and Ronaldo and Messi are her two favourite players. To make it simpler, if you’re on page 10 of your "matches, then " and also you start a profile and assess it, when you close the profile you’re returned to page 1 and you have to slowly click your way back to page 10 in which you left off. (Underscore "slowly"–they’re too cheap to provide over the absolute minimum bandwidth they should keep you on the website.) All dating websites, mature or otherwise, are first and leading search engines, their job is to do this for you. My greatest claim to fame in my wasted month was that I obtained a "Flirt" out of a 74 yr old (probably 81 yr old) sagging decrepit ungrammatical humorless hag who doesn’t even look like she looked back in the day, who had throngs of George Clooney/John Holmes hybrids drooling over her from throughout the world. But AFF doesn’t since that’s one way they make it that the cash cow that it is. Literally from the thousands.

If it works for you, also I’m not stating it doesn’t, it’s simply because you’re doing half of the work you’re paying for the website to do, and you’re doing it manually. The main reason I gave the website 2 stars is because it’s a really invaluable lesson about wasting your time on total bull$*! In pursuit of a dream that does not remotely exist. Compare to, in which you get mutual matches and reverse matches (you fit hers, she may not fit yours), but you never get them forward matches (She matches yours, you may not fit hers), since they serve no purpose except to overwhelm you with false positives to get you to sign up. After all these years, I can’t shut my $*! When it comes to this brutal truth.

Benefits of Use See overall comments Customer Service Don’t know, haven’t experienced a customer service issue as such. But if not, AFF is a good location to get a cold slap in the facearea. Features See overall remarks.

Some bogus profiles, simply weed them through and don’t waste your own time. We and a lot of other swinging couples left this website when they started with us to bring in the gender chatters and voyeurs. With a little bit of patience you’ll sure find some real members.

Nowadays the website is hardly worth the effort of a totally free membership, let alone a paid one. WellHello still pretty much kicks ass. The website is overrun by tons of voyeurs doing paid memberships to drool over what they believe are swinging couple images.

In my honest opinion mature sites like WellHello (or even Casualsexonly like ) still function better than any popular dating app. It is like 2% real swinging couple, 8% exhibitionist, and 90 percent voyeur. At least everybody on here is pretty much ahead and gets right to the point.

All in all, it’s simpler to locate adult pleasure at a pub or even a bowling alley. I am fed up with people on hear sayin AFF or even hookuphangout or what other good website dont work fast enuff. I have been a free member of this website for years. Seriosly guy get a grip.

Recently bought a Gold membership which supposedly was 18 weeks for the price of 12 weeks. Ur not buyin a hooker here is an art form if u cant manage it get out eh! Free sex from birds which u can chat 2 an some times even do the $*!

Buddy thing with. Purchased and only have 12 weeks. Cheaper and that 2 guy.

Second problem is I bought a Gold membership below the belief I would have full functionality to only learn that Gold simply gives you the capability to do searches, chats and send mails.

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