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What is Currency Trading? Forex currency trading forex trading forex broker Learn more about Currency Trading and the FX market, Vince Stanzione explains how to trade currencies. For more information go to ww…
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Currency trading can be very volatile; people often take advantage of investors who do not know what they are doing when it comes to currency trading. Work w…

20 Responses to “What is Currency Trading? Forex currency trading forex trading forex broker”

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  • Elvis Florian:

    Lol he said clocked cleaned

  • Md Lalim:

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  • Zenaida Buntleitner:

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  • Skuntin:

    Why do I see all the videos for this, and it can be summed up in one. I’m trying to learn something not go through 15 min of advertising for a min and a half video. i’ll just learn somewhere else which leaves your channel useless… CONGRATS and F*** YOU!!!

  • blaqkpumpkin:

    Some very good points in the video here.. Being a profitable trader now for a year now longer terms charts are the way to go. 10 years is my number.. bitchz

  • Kevin Toine:

    but what if you live in Europe and you send money to someone in the USA on his Paypal account and then wait for your money to increase in value and then ask your money back. Wouldn’t that be something without any risks of losing your money and still make profit?

  • RedbullFX:

    Very Cool… 

  • Joey Carlyle:

    It’s a zero sum game. For every winner there is a loser.

  • imagineaboringlife:

    You think he’s gonna tell you something and then he’s promoting himself.

  • wannaprofit:


  • Mike Carusone:

    so why bother with a “basics of currency trading” video then? basically youre saying “well you’re probably not smart enough to figure this out so get someone else to handle your money instead so you don’t lose it all”


  • CafeManning:

    your videos skip, FAIL

  • J.S. Sandhu:

    i bought nzd at 3.86 from hkd after six month sold nzd and bought hkd at 5.70,i made good by my luck.its however not my hard work or something…

  • forextrend:

    this guy is a fool

  • Rick Wirt:

    You have to trade quickly on the Forex market because if the currency value changes .0001 then you lose ten units of whatever currency you traded for, that is if your trading a lot of 100,000 units of that currency. It wouldnt really matter if you actually had 100,000 dollars to trade, but instead you trade on margin with 1% of 100,000, so if your lot depreciates by 1,000 dollars and thats all you have in your account, then you’re wiped out completely.

  • mart83648:

    How do you find a pro?

  • SSmithOnline:

    This is kinda funny because it sounds and looks like he has been burned so badly by the foreign exchange market.

    Look at his face when he says “Be very careful when it comes to currency trading.” … PRICELESS.

    Look at his face when he says: Short term trading is very difficult to do. — LOL.

    The forex market has taken your money huh? I know it has.

  • markthenicholson:

    When he says “bet long or bet short”, he means long-term or short-term in the sense of time, right?

  • theknightlynews:

    I’m not sure I understand. You said if you try to think more than a day out, you will get your clock cleaned. Then you said short term trading is very difficult. You meant long term trading, right?

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