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Three Simple Forex Trading Strategies |

Forex Education & Resources As you progress in your trading you will come to realize that the simplest stra…
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Dialogue between an FX dealer and a salesperson.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “Three Simple Forex Trading Strategies |”

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  • Steve Nankervis:

    thx for the strats. I like the macd strat. best but you don’t mention the
    timeframe? I think its the daily chart.also will look at the inside
    candle strat. but that doesn’t happen much.

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  • Jeff Burke:

    Clear, direct, and simple. Loved it.

  • Capital Forex Training:

    it would be very interesting to know the success rate of your news fade
    strategy. Looks a bit risky to me especially if the news data correlates
    with previous market direction but I’m sure this can be managed properly.
    Thanks for the video.

  • raito200884:

    thanks for the simple trading system this what i’m looking for 🙂

  • KristapsTalo:

    What is the S/L for the daily candle stick?

  • Luanna Brant:

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  • Patrick McCarthy:

    What a dumb film. FX spot trading is all done electronically with stops on
    both ends (unless you’re a retard). The trader is there just to initially
    execute the deal.

  • Ecthelion008:

    Who the hell still trades FX spot through humans?

  • TheJabutube:

    u sound very important, must in sales.

  • yurps:

    lovely what nice chaps…

  • Nicolli Massachi:

    LOL!!!!! This is sooo true

  • Christopher Rivelli:

    Only those that trades size

  • doubledensity:

    you’ll be surprised, desk traders still spot through humans..

  • Andrea David Edelman:

    don’t speak your orders, one click them or better yet make an EA.

  • Peter Wang:

    lol, clowns.

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