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She emerges as a lively, literate and feisty girl, then young

The bureau has flagged that its coal output figures factor in firms with annual revenue above 20 million yuan, meaning the sample set could potentially change.China coal supply and demand play a crucial role in international prices. President Xi Jinping government ordered miners to slow output to support prices in 2016, setting off a rally that reverberated globally and snapped five years of losses in Australia Newcastle coal, an Asian benchmark.This year , a surge in prices above the government preferred levels of 570 yuan ($84) a metric ton has led regulators to call on miners to boost operations, though a separate drive for environmental and safety inspections has been cited for slowing the ramp up.wouldn be surprised to see weak production data in the first half due to safety and environmental checks, said Jennifer Song, an analyst at Morningstar. Recent visits to coal companies suggest that coal output growth in the second half should be better than the first half.

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