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Predicting the Forex Markets Hourly – Urban Forex

Upcoming webinar September 18th, 2013 The market messages of Confirmed Highs and Lows. N…
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25 Responses to “Predicting the Forex Markets Hourly – Urban Forex”

  • JTHunterPJ:

    No one can average 90 pips a day. The market doesn’t even move more than 5
    or 6 pips a day on average.

    And even if you hourly trade it which doesn’t work, because it’s a money
    market but even if you do the average day only sees a 40 pip range which is
    nothing really.

  • Todd Bower:

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  • rrayne cajigal:

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  • E. Balcazar:

    Mil gracias es lo que estaba buscando desde hace muchisimo tiempo.

  • archipota:

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  • Beau Dean:

    how did you get metatrader on your mac?

  • suzanily:

    Thank You!

  • Daniel Viky:

    what did you use as support resistance line ? is it camarila pivot ?

  • Kevin Colt:

    where do I click to make money?

  • Veasna Sam:

    I am using MT4 but i can not place the Pivot like you showed in the video.

  • David Bily:

    Vantagefx offers Mt4 for Mac…

  • Paul Elliott:

    He says there is a risk “anything can happen”, then says “anything can not
    happen”. Personally i will Never place a trade without a Stop somewhere,
    even if it is 500 pips away, proper risk management cannot be utilized
    without SL

  • urbanforex:

    I use VMware and have installed windows on it. However, you can skip the
    step of installing windows. You can go to our Urban Forex blog and watch
    the Metatrader for Mac tutorial

  • weewee33wee44:

    Thank you but you didn’t tell : in case of anti-correlation which currency
    pair gonna follow the other?

  • silvia hani:

    Thanks a lot Navin 🙂

  • ayeres James:

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  • Paul Elliott:

    This video seems confusing, he says, this is an exhaust candle then later
    says the same candle is not an exhaustion, he says trade long NZDUSD, and
    then says dont trade long. the ideas are difficult to follow. i have seen
    the pro trading stategy, its much easier to understand.

  • mehdi murphy:

    hahaha love the song at the beginning ! DMX ! Thx for the webinar ! Mehdi
    El Mheyaoui

  • Traders Friend:

    I only trade the Eur/Usd and do quite well

  • Chack Ray:

    There is no inherent advantage trading many Forex pairs as opposed to
    trading a single pair. There is no point to even ‘predicting anything’ in
    Forex. It’s a probabilities game. Trading fewer pairs decreases the sample
    size and therefore makes your edge more precise over a series of trades.
    You never know whats gonna happen next in the market.


    where can i get the pivot indicator u use?TQ.

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  • ram maharjan:

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