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Medley added the extra point for the Big Orange to make it 17

Could scarcely believe my eyes but of course the statistics never lie. Gets even worse. Lewis said it took any time to find a predatory journal to accept his study. Najma Ahmed says three of those people underwent immediate operations to save their lives.The hospital isn releasing the patients ages, genders or other details.Two people were killed in Sunday shootings. Other injured victims were taken to other hospitals, and their condition isn immediately available.The 29 year old gunman was killed after an exchange of gunfire with police.Ontario police watchdogsays a second person is dead after gunman shot 14 people in Toronto Greektown neighborhood.A spokeswoman for the province Special Investigations Unit, Monica Hudon, says three people are dead including the gunman in the Danforth Street attack. No further details were given on the second victim.

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