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How to Save $5000 on Forex Trading Training and Get it Free This video exposes how so many Forex training programs provide very little useful content for the price and how you can obtain more … all » information for very inexpensive and even for free. This video is part of a series that is created to enable persons who are interested in Forex trading to save months of years of frustration and quickly achieve the results that very few achieve. http
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25 Responses to “How to Save $5000 on Forex Trading Training and Get it Free”

  • Grace Bradley:

    Great. Video! Thanks

  • James Brown:

    nice. i learned so much from this video. 

  • Sandra Salter:

    Hi there. How much if i purchase?

  • vinvin563:

    Glad i watched this video. Im reading all the feedback now. ’twas good. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Penelope Simpson:

    This is one of the most honest and useful videos I have seen on the subject of Forex. Your course was by far the most valuable investment I ever made on any Forex product or service.

  • Kaye Grew:

    Good advice. Im glad i watched this video. Thanks! 🙂

  • alaskask:

    Good sensible advice,thanking you-Skalaska.

  • tendenciasFX:

    nice video, good information, right to the core of forex business.

  • Joselito Sering:

    — i recently restarted with my own forex learning and opened up a micro-forex account with FXCM where you can open up an account for $25 and get a 100:1 leverage with very narrow spreads like 2.5 pips. but, i learned that being undercapitalized can easily blow out your funds if you start trading for money. this time, i opened up a $200 account and am trading for pips, not money, to get the consistency down. it’s better than a demo since emotions is a big part of trading.

  • trg786:

    that’s great ! but i m willing only $ 200 for practice. Should i , and whats its procedure?

  • bigwheat3000:

    im trying to learn more about this im a beginner myself

  • purplepatchforex:

    He is making money from forex trading, it’s a very profitable forex training course

  • tradeartist:

    Yes, you can easily start with that amount and achieve your financial goals over time. The amount you start with only affects the amount of time needed to build it to achieve your goals. The most important thing of course, is to prove to yourself that you really know how to trade and any accounts you trade with in the meantime should be considered tuition payment for the learning process.

  • tradeartist:

    Happiness and fulfillment are other important areas. I have the satisfaction of helping hundreds of people make real and lasting change in their ability to master the art of Forex trading and that is much more fulfilling for me than sitting alone in my office trading.

  • tradeartist:

    excellent question! the premise behind that question is that people only do things to make money. People do things for a variety of reasons. One is personal fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Some people derive great satisfaction and fulfillment from helping others and being actively involved in things like training and personal development. Financial goals are one aspect of our lives.

  • Ricardo Laranjeira:

    I dont mean to be rude or anything but why are you selling the course if you know how to make money from forex trading?

  • gutrp:

    thanks for the info

  • Octaflaggon:

    Excellent advice. Everybody should start here before parting with cash.

  • dbtalha:

    Thanks for a starting point that will not cost a penny. This has given me direction. Thanks again

  • Larry Fournillier:

    Great video, you’ve saved me valuable time and money.

  • mrhowardb:

    Thank you for the sound advice and admonition.

  • ForexCounts:

    thank you.

  • Taqaqaqa:

    that was a funny comment 🙂

  • mrzwerus:

    Trading is not for everybody, I have a Master degree in International Business, and I can tell you that most of my classmates failed the International Finance exams frequently, more than any other subject… This is a projection to the real world of trading, it needs guiding and professional lessons..of experts

  • over2seeyer:

    thanks ,

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