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How to Read Forex Charts |

Learn about forex charts at Learn Forex: Forex Chart Reading 101 Forex chart reading can…
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25 Responses to “How to Read Forex Charts |”

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  • ancientrussian:

    I’m not a total freshman in trading (more than a year now), but I find this
    video very important. I’ve been drowning into various sophisticated
    methodologies, like VSA and Clusters. I didn’t become successful with them,
    but my mind had been confused.
    Sir Richard Krivo have reminded me that trading doesn’t have to be
    complicated for being profitable, we should Keep it Simple. Thank You!

  • Charles Walker:

    Definitely one of the most clear and useful lessons out there. I hope to
    see this guy produce many more!

  • Josh Foster:


  • Jack Shrestha:

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  • Aleister Camillus:

    I just picked back up on studying trading- out of all the videos I’ve
    watched this far; this one seems to be the easiest to comprehend. Very
    straight forward and simple to understand. -Alex.

  • Tony Khumao:

    Very good presentation. Simple and short. Will also advise anyone willing
    to follow this strategy to apply candle stick patterns with fibonacci
    levels of retracement to give you close to accurate entries.

  • Justyn Windsor:

    Great video. I’ve taken Richard’s key points and made purchases on Plus
    500, working well. He raises all key points needed to trade on trends.

  • Lori Favela:

    I haven’t started trading yet, I need to learn and study as much as
    possible about FX. Thanks for this video, it’s very basic

  • Jeevan Chaudhary:

    great video…………

  • Joe T:

    I now trade using moving averages with the pipdaq setups which are based on
    price action entries and seem very good together for solid profits…

  • forextvinfo:

    …thank you for great video where we can understand and later come back to
    the basics principals.

  • Forex News by DailyFX:

    Thank you Shao. We’re happy you enjoyed it.

  • Benny Fx:

    Thanks for the great video

  • Sergio Ricardo Candido do Amaral:

    Excellent Video! Very educational for beginners like me. thank you Richard

  • PawelRyba91:

    Been getting really interested in FX trading, very good video to get a good
    understanding on how to trade.

  • HB Shao:

    excellent presentation Sir. Its great for freshman. And it is really
    helpful. Do not fight with market, just follow it. And also How much profit
    you are willing to gain equals to how much loss you are prepare to take

  • TheCdavis5784:

    OK so o

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  • lily flor:

    Thank you for the great videos, this channel is very educational.

  • Amal Desai:

    Very informative.

  • Themton Irani:

    Thank you Mr Krivo, I just cannot Thank you enough sir!! Its a Huge Help to
    a New Guy Like Me. Looking forward to more information from your end. When
    do you come to Toronto, Canada ?? Much Appreciated. Keep Well..

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  • Raden Arjuna:

    this video deserve more like..

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