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How Binary Options And Forex Scams Work – Auto Binary Bot Scam

Lotz of botz shows us some garbage software to stay clear off. No-one else is going to make you money trading, you need to learn how to trade for yourself. h…
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25 Responses to “How Binary Options And Forex Scams Work – Auto Binary Bot Scam”

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  • mike boom:

    I actually have been testing option bot for 4 months, and I have 79% winrate. it is not a scam if you know how to use it

  • Kerry Meeks:

    Great video, glad you exsposed this. Love your sense of humor. Your f ing halarious. Alright im going to check out some neural technology with my elite team while i bang a whore.(not really).

  • GodConsciousness:

    This Luciferian Syndicate must really think that most people have short memories.

  • GodConsciousness:

    Excellent video. I sincerely thank you for doing me and other honest, hard-working people who actually WORK for their money a MASSIVE FAVOUR. I actually tried Auto Binary Bot and found it to be a complete sack of crap. Despite the claims of their support team, the software NEVER sent updated trading signals.

  • Kris Koster:

    Superb advice!

  • lotz botz:

    Yeah the scum came up with another one called the Binary Cash Bot LoL Karma will get them for their bad actions toward others…

  • lotz botz:

    Stick with the big ones as I do – I use Markets World never had a problem withdrawing money 2-3 days and they are regulated. Beyond that the large ones in the top 5 are not likey to give you problems just don’t accept those trading bonuses.

  • MultiPristan:

    By the way, be careful with BinaryCashBot – this is the same AutoBinaryBot software 🙂
    – Not for only $77 but at least $37 😀

  • John Garris:

    everyone should know you will never be able to withdraw your money from binary options brokers , they steal your money

  • lotz botz:

    You are absolutely correct there are lots of tools/indicators/systems/botz that work and even work better when a person with the best computer going uses it, “THEIR BRAIN!” No this video is pointed to see how the SCAMMERS work and know they are out there to simply take your money nothing else. I am even going to hold a week long webinar/class for newbies in the future that teaches such a system as you mentioned 🙂

  • John K:

    Well it`s true that a lot of the so called bot software out there is shit, but there is software that indicates a trend and it`s up to you to decide if it`s wrong or right. I use software and mostly 7 out of 10 trades makes me money, sometime even more. My point is that if do some research there are tools that works, but nothing can guarantee you to make money, just like affiliate marketing products some works some don`t! But like i said not everything out there is a scam 😉

  • John Mayer:

    Thanks LOB I attended one of their webinars and found out that Tom Green and Lewis Baxter are the same person! What a scam thanks for saving me from buying into this scam! Somebody should call the financial authorities to stop these scammers!

    Thanks again – John

  • lotz botz:

    Yup I remember you do a GOOGLE search on this guy lol that is pipsrus/bestpickrus – Don’t you ever learn – SCAMMER! “Alexis Ampudia, 22, and his father, also named Alexis, 44, were grabbed by Port Authority cops when they stepped off a jet Thursday night at Newark Airport from Panama, where investigators believe they have moved their ill-gotten bonanza.”

  • lotz botz:

    Alex I remember everything :), now Alex here who was PipsRus on fxstreet went to jail, then fled to panama if I remember correctly. There is a bunch of files on the net about him. Now if anybody knows about scamming people just Ask bestpickrus.. LoL They kicked him off the site after scamming people on there

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