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Forex Trading with Harmonic Patterns-Silver Trade!

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Watch ths video and ask your questionsWatch and learn from this video as I demonstrate.The information I give is for education only.

14 Responses to “Forex Trading with Harmonic Patterns-Silver Trade!”

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  • theriapaul1:

    so glad i found this trading method 🙂

  • hammadody:

    Yeh i agree, the webinars are great, learned alot from them.

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  • goldirainvesting:

    Interesting trading demonstration. I haven’t seen gold and silver traded live in a while. I know this is an older video but it still catches my attention.

  • Jason Lambert:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I get confused on how to position size for gold when trading with a Fore broker against the USD. I think I need to add about 10 times the normal position size compared with most Forex pairs.

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  • John McLaughlin, StockCoach:

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