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Forex Trading Strategies That Work for 2013 |

Forex Trading Strategies that Work In this video, Da…

DailyFX Forex Trading University: Forex Education: The Forex market offers a lot of opportunities to forex traders… …
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12 Responses to “Forex Trading Strategies That Work for 2013 |”

  • Patricia Gigs:

    trading options for me is very easy ,at least? for the past 4years i have
    been trading i have improved so many lives ,and made many people is not hard work,all you have to do is read the? trends
    in market and you are there.well, i thank those of you who show me your
    success stories on your out comes,am so happy and grateful for the
    comments.for those? of you who still need my help contact me on, and get the best strategy for free

  • FreeFxSamuraiRobot:

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  • Almir Preldzic:

    Watched this after the fact, but I still found it worthwhile and enjoyed
    it. Please keep doing these if at all possible. Thanks Michael, James and
    David. Peace, Love & Aliens!

  • Kishan Kishan:

    Dr.J and David,this great

  • Forex News by DailyFX:

    Thanks for joining us Kishan!

  • SpiralSelective:

    Good disclaimer………………I’m out!

  • Sydney Johnson:

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  • Teyfik Sağdıçoğlu:

    oldukça eğitimi bir video olmuş tebrikler…

  • Philip Jones:

    You are right. The point about technical analysis is that it allows you to
    identify where prices are going….support becoming resistance, trends and
    the like. It does work but it would be foolish to ignore the regular news
    items. The technical s apply but always driven by fundamentals. I am a live
    trader and I use DailyFX. There is an event calendar for each day, a live
    news feed with comments and tweets from FX people. If you want fundamental
    (news) analysis and how to interpret the ……cont

  • Francesco Sani:

    Hi, I think this is a fantastic opportunity for all to learn from some of
    the best teachers there are: I have been watching all the videos I could
    find, especially the ones from the FXCM Expo, and I am on mailing lists
    from John Kicklighter and Ilya Spivak at DailyFX for fundamental and
    technical analysis. After nearly a year of demo trading, I am starting to
    look into strategies and targets, and I can say that if you are not
    passionate about trading you may find it overwhelming! Thanks,DailyFX!

  • Gureen Turee:

    One thing I don’t understand about DailyFX technical analysis is when you
    guys go long or even short, you ignore the news. The other day JPY came out
    with news of more Bank of Japan manipulation, the X/JPY shot up like a
    rocket while you guys predicted it would have continued on the same
    downward trend. I want to see videos on the other kinds of analysis beyond

  • Philip Jones:

    …..then look for videos by John Kicklighter. To be honest it took me a
    while to understand some of the stuff he was talking about but the effort
    of learning has paid off. John Kicklighter is with DailyFX and makes videos
    almost daily. The others are also excellent but tend toward technical.

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