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Forex Rates

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  • InformedTrades:

    InformedTrades Founder Simit Patel reveals a simple forex strategy he uses
    as part of his trading.

    A Simple Forex Strategy: Interest Rates + External Debt/GDP + Trading Ranges

    Be sure to join the discussion thread on this over on InformedTrades for
    more commentary and insight:

  • AileronTrading:

    Although the speaker really doesn’t have any historical understanding about
    “Hyperinflation” …

  • cosmosgato:

    Yeah the internet has destroyed the historical meaning of hyperinflation.
    The modern definition is 3% or anytime you personally are short on cash.
    “Look at these bills. Damn you Bernanke!”

  • InformedTrades:

    You can trade any time frame, but you’ll need a more refined technical
    analysis approach the shorter the time frame you want to go. Personally, I
    trade primarily off the 4 hour timeframe, but I use a technical
    analysis/money management approach that is a bit more refined. We have
    other videos on this (see our video on pyramiding, for instance).

  • Paul Hutton:

    The chart that you showed towards the end of your video was a monthly
    chart. What is the usual time frame of the trades you’re discussing here?
    Seems like one trade could last for a couple of years based on the chart
    you were using to demonstrate the strategy.

  • cosmosgato:

    This will definitely work. Though you likely will want to work on your
    entries and exits. And of money management.

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