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Forex Pro’s Secret System – Introduction (

The Forex Pro’s Secret System is simply the king of all the trading systems. It comes with every luxury features, and uses a special technique that was devel…

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22 Responses to “Forex Pro’s Secret System – Introduction (”

  • FinnAtheist:

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  • urbanforex:

    Oh, head to our blog site, we have a tutorial there on how to get it. I’ve put the link in the description above for you.

  • urbanforex:

    I believe it maybe possible. However, its best for the human eye to see and make the ultimate decision when it comes to a price action strategy.

  • FinnAtheist:

    Sorry to bother you with an other comment, but I couldn’t find how to download metatrader 4 for mac for free, I tried using the search engine ” metatrader 4 mac” ” free mac” “metatrader mac” but couldn’t find it 🙁
    Thanks a lot, I’ve been really learning a lot from your videos!

  • FinnAtheist:

    Hi Navin!
    Do you think it might be possible to make a program that would trade this strategy? As in a robot?
    I’m kind of new to this Forex thing but I’ve just been starting to learn about programming, so I was just interested. Thanks a lot for making these!

  • sujith kumar:

    thank you

  • urbanforex:

    Hi Sujith, we have a lot of members on Urban Forex trading this strategy. Whenever you get a chance just come on over to the Urban Forex page and ask any assistance in the chat room there, people will assist you with any questions or concerns.

  • urbanforex:

    You’re very welcome 🙂

  • Vickey Rice:

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  • Javed Iqbal:

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  • Natalie Waite:

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  • Lowell webster:

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  • tubefoolmek:

    Have you tried Copy Trading? / NMMXcE
    I have been doing extremely well with this.

  • Ronald VL:

    Hi Navin. Just started using the information you so kindly provide for free here and at your site (!) Although, at this precise moment of writing, I’m struggling to regain some losses from earlier today – due to some unexpected market maneuvers (for me, that is) – it’s clear that my trading has become more confident and relaxed thanks to your expert explanation of critical know-how regarding trading techniques and analyses, based on price action, etc. Thanks a million and please keep it up!

  • Sharif Sultan:

    Oh hey! Have you looked at the British Box Breakout (look it up on google)? Ive heard some insane things about it and my mate made tons of cash.

  • peter kor:

    this is an unhelpfull video - wtf ?

  • den1227:

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  • sujith kumar:

    Dear Naveen, I have been going through your Pivot point pulse candle exhaustion method for a few months now but the only trouble I have seen in this method is most of the time the exhaustion candle closes just a few pips before next pivot point line so, its very difficult and confusing to apply. Please comment.

  • getpsngenerator:

    My buddy used this forex strategy named: Effectus Forex Strategy and earned about 300 pips in a couple of weeks without doing anything!I’ll probably google about it

  • Ion Calugari:

    Ok, I think I understood… That candle was not correlated with the other pairs so we didn’t have to take that trade.

  • Ion Calugari:

    Hi Navin!

    Thank you for this nice video and strategy.

    I have a question about the example on 11 april at 17:00.

    Could we also sell at the previous candle, at 16:00? If so then we would have taken the SL.

    Am I correct?

    Anyway thanks again for the strategy. I hope I’ll have the patience to adopt it. (I like more scalping, your 10 pips/day and rainbow 🙂 )

  • JOHN B:

    Nice follow on for pro strategy

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