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Creating Warp Speed with Steel Wool | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios

In our first video, I try to create the hypnotizing visual effect of warp speed by setting steel wool on fire. Subscribe to Shanks FX:…

FXFactory est une plateforme prévue pour héberger des effets pour Final Cut, Motion et autres… FxFactory Pro est un ensemble payant de 176 effets (filtres,…
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35 Responses to “Creating Warp Speed with Steel Wool | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios”

  • waiming yu:

    @3:05 music name what?please

  • Eric Widder:

    Wonderful! You must have a 5D or 7D or something. My 60D get’s so grainy at night! Thanks for the info and again, lovely work.

  • joeyshanksfx:

    I got the Canon 100mm as well, works fine for me!!!

  • Eric Widder:

    Wow you have some of the coolest Pan-Zoom-Tilt combinations I’ve ever seen. Did you make your own flexible tri-pod or something? And what’s your favorite macro lens? I have a canon 100mm one but I’m looking for something better for this bug music video I’m filming soon.

  • joeyshanksfx:

    Thanks for the kind works Vega!!! We try to make the most entertaining & informative videos as possible, it’s a tough task. Glad u connected with “Shanks FX”!!!

  • Vega473:

    Absolutely love everything I’ve seen so far. Just came across your video with the magnetic fluid, and I’m very glad I did. Very nice work. Perception creates Reality! All the musical choices have been very fitting, and thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you, sir!

  • joeyshanksfx:

    Thanks for checking it out, please share any stuff you come up with.

  • joeyshanksfx:

    I’m glad that you’re inspired by these, we are just trying to put out something that’s informative but also cinematic as well. It’s a tough act to juggle at times.

  • GrayJeoris:

    Don’t try this at home….
    okay, here’s EXACTLY how to do it

  • abbazabbajuice:

    Absolutely amazing series! So inspiring, thank you so much for doing these. These videos actually mean a lot to me.

  • christoph schiffer:

    I definitely have to try this out with a colleague of mine! Thx for sharing! Beautiful!

  • XperfectdazesX:

    That’s really beautiful.

  • Martin Tucker:

    Nothing beats Actual Effects! Great vids Joey!

  • Janeathan Doh:

    ‪Zen Music ƒ´˜‬

  • MrPoco123:

    great work!!!

  • InCameraFX:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the advantage of doing it this way, over using some fireworks being spun in the same way?

  • joeyshanksfx:

    I like where your mind is at Tiago. I would prefer to have blender that has glass that has no ripples and isn’t too think so it won’t distort the image if filming. But if I find a blender at a thrift store I may have to try this out!!!

  • anova94:

    “Don’t try this at home”
    Gives materials needed and exact steps in the procedure… xD

  • TheRinzl3r:

    oh man that is cool

  • TiagoTiagoT:

    I wonder what it would look like to put one of those burning steelwools inside of a Blendtec blender…

  • gowy777:

    Go pro would be legit!!! ur videos r so cool keep it up! if you like techno music you should check out my video and there might be sum good songs for ur videos if u want to use them.

  • lilth501:

    testing the laws of thermodynamics,
    example of accelerating low entropy state to high entropy state.

  • joeyshanksfx:

    Canon 60d and Canon 5d Mark II but would love to try this out with a GoPro!!

  • Sal0pe69:

    This is Amazing! Though something i am curious about. With sparks flying everywhere is it dangerous to start a fire?

  • gowy777:

    This is beast what kind of cameras do you use? Thats so cool that professionals do this!

  • TheDexter54:


  • TheDexter54:

    Dans la bibliothèque d’effet il y a l’effet ” capteur ” qui nom donne au rond flou qu’on peut agrandir.


    Merci Remy pour ces précieux conseils et pour la rapidité de la réponse à ma question. Amitiés.

  • remydeveze:

    J’ai pas capté… Peux tu nous expliquer Dexter? Thx

  • TheDexter54:

    Ou tout simplement appliquer l’effet capteur !

  • remydeveze:

    Enzo, ce filtre n’existe pas, il faut pour ce faire doubler la video, flouter celle qui est en dessous et créer un masque qui suit le personnage sur celle du dessus.

  • macgicien2:

    Filtres pour amateurs en manque de connaissances et d’inspiration.


    Bonjour Remy
    Avant tout je voudrais vous remercier pour tous ces tutos qui me font progresser à pas de géant.
    En deuxième lieu je voudrais vous poser une petite question, existe t’il un plu-gin avec l’effet flou.
    J’explique, ce que je voudrais arriver a faire, est que le personnage central est net tandis que le décor derrière est flou ou vis versa. En espérant que j’ai été clair dans mes explications recevez mon cher Remy toute ma sympathie et encore merci de ce que vous faites pour nous.

  • cosanostra134:

    Merci super tuto comme d’habitude

  • Pierre Degrande:

    génial le color accent … je n’avais pas encore utilisé … merci … et grand merci pour toutes vos vidéos … je me régale … et j’apprends beaucoup !!

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