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Best Forex Scalping Indicators (by The Author of Effective Guide To Forex Trading) Find out the best forex scalping indicators that a full time trader is usin…
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se volete un robot che funzioni veramente settato nella maniera corretta questa è una buona alternativa, lo utilizzavo prima di iniziare a fare dei miei robo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “Best Forex Scalping Indicators”

  • Abdullah Ghani:

    thanx a lot bro…

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  • irwan shazman:

    hey this is good. thanks. im backtesting this indicator on Malaysia’s FCPO.
    works well on trending market. not too good for ranging market tho

  • Lewis Robert:

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  • francis wt yong Yong:

    Hi! Mr. Lee Kelvin, my name Francis Yong fr Malaysia. I would like to know
    how to install/download the Daily/weekly Pivots from MT4. Do we need both
    Daily & Weekly Pivotsor when?, tq

  • jose afonso:

    you draw the pivot points?

  • Anita Sparks:

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  • Lee Kelvin:

    Hi Layanla I am from Singapore and for the setting of stochastic and PSAR,
    you can refer to the below information Stochastic %K periods 5 %D slowing
    periods 3 %D periods 3 PSAR Step 0.02 Max 0.2

  • freeSCALPINGindicato:

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  • lipscomb juan:

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  • Panambucano:

    Whats the success ratio

  • Lee Kelvin:

    It will be good if you are able to install them both. Alternatively, you
    can calculate them using the pivot calculator and then plot it on your
    platform. As I am not using MT4 platform, I am unable to give you any
    advice on the installation part.

  • Pao Meng Soon:

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  • FreeTrendIndicators:

    Interesting vid, thank you for sharing ★★

  • viorel22cr:

    interesting video, but in what time frame do this indicators work bets? the
    5 or the 1 minute?

  • Zoran Savic:

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  • layanla:

    Hey this is good. What is the settings for Stochastics and Parabolic SAR?
    Are you a Singaporean? 🙂

  • Lauris Bee:

    For scalping parabolicSAR is NOT good indicator, it will not work more than
    it will work.

  • FreeTrendIndicators:

    Thanks for the helpful vid! I am using a free indicator which displays some
    very profitable buy/sell signals. I have it on my page. Try it and let me
    know what you think, cheers

  • Michael Pietrafesa:

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  • Lee Kelvin:

    I use it on the 5 minutes as I find the 1 minute too noisy with too much
    action. But it is my personal opinion.

  • ciberbob79:

    Ciao xtb è sostituto d’imposta?

  • Donato Colonna:

    Si senza problemi

  • kayzen76:

    Ciao ma con XTB ti permette lo scalping a breve del tipo operazioni di
    apertura/chiusura sotto i 3 minuti??

  • Donato Colonna:

    Si è sostituto d’imposta ed è controllato anche dalla CONSOB

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