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Basics of Currency Trading (Part 1) – Currency Spot & Currency Forward Market

ABOUT VIDEO: This video will help viewers understand how currencies spot market and currencies forward market works. How can you exchange currencies. How doe…

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5 Responses to “Basics of Currency Trading (Part 1) – Currency Spot & Currency Forward Market”

  • dipesh shah:

    I really like you and your videos at Ambition Learning Solutions. I think
    you are a Superstar. I am your crazy fan. I need your personal info like
    phone number or e-mail or your home address. I want to ask you few
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  • Kirtan Shah:

    yes u r correct, i did make that mistake … but i hope the concept is
    clear atleast ..

  • Ashutosh Mishra:

    1)please tell how us shutdown on long term can cause rupee depreciation
    2) P-notes and how they are problematic for India..How r they different
    from Indian depository receipt
    3) In what scenarios a bank should use bank rate, repo & msf when a bank
    borrows money from RBI?

  • Wahid Hashemian:

    You keep making the mistake of saying five million dollars instead of five
    lakh dollars.

  • Ambition Learning Solutions by Kirtan Shah:

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