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A man with a $16 million contract the Houston Texans wanted to

Dolphins Are Insane Not to Sign a Decent Backup for Ryan Tannehill

cheap real jordans mens Contact Us,The cheap jordans in china Miami Dolphins are putting all of their eggs in Ryan cheap jordans from china Tannehill’s basket this season. They made cheap air force that cheap jordans shoes clear when they failed to select a quarterback in the NFL Draft. Everyone from head coach Adam Gase cheap nike shoes to president of operations Mike Tannenbaum has hitched their jobs to the health and performance of Tannehill this season. cheap real jordans mens

cheap jordans toronto Woof. Yeah, good luck with cheap Air max shoes that, guys. Apparently, no one learned anything last season. The saddest cheap jordans free shipping part is that last season’s 6 10 looks like the best case scenario if Tannehill is lost to injury again next season. cheap jordans toronto

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authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap Though Dolphins fans are hopeful Tannehill can replicate a solid eight game stretch he had under Gase in 2016, the reality is he hasn’t played in an NFL game since December 11, 2016. Obama was still president then, Dwyane Wade was with the Chicago Bulls, and the Dolphins somehow made the playoffs. It’s been a while. authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap

cool cheap jordans The last time Dolphins fans saw Tannehill playing football, he was Cheap jordans running at quarter speed away from Ndamukong Suh toward the sidelines. He never made it there, of course, because he cheap adidas reinjured his knee. cool cheap jordans

very cheap jordans online It will have been 19 months since that day when Tannehill finally takes the field cheap air jordan against the Tennessee Titans this fall. No one will be sure of what to expect from him outside of a couple of throws in some meaningless preseason games. If anyone says they do, they’re lying. very cheap jordans online

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cheap jordans 1 Luckily, the Dolphins have prepared for the worst. They locked up a contingency plan that will undoubtedly make everything all cheap jordan sneakers better if Tannehill cannot return to his previous form: Brock Osweiler. All 32 career touchdowns and 27 interceptions of him. A man with a $16 million contract the Houston Texans wanted to get rid of so badly cheap jordans on sale they had to give the Cleveland Browns a second round pick. A man the Browns, winners of one of their last 32 games, then cut. cheap jordans 1

cheap air jordan websites Oh, and the Fins signed Bryce Petty off waivers from the New York Jets. That ought to do the trick! cheap air jordan websites

cheap white jordan shoes That’s the backup plan right now cheap jordans for sale if Tannehill can’t stay healthy or play well. That seems like a poor idea. Having Osweiler as the backup quarterback on a team very much made to win now seems like throwing some rubber and glue in your trunk and calling it a spare tire. The Dolphins could have signed Teddy cheap jordans sale Bridgewater or Colin Kaepernick (still can!), or they could have drafted a top tier quarterback to throw into the fire in case of emergency. But instead, they’ve decided to roll cheapjordans13new into the preseason as is. cheap white jordan shoes

cheap nike air jordan shoes If Tannehill plays poorly or is unable to play, the Dolphins will be in worse shape then they were last season. As bad as Jay Cutler was, he’s better than Osweiler ever will be. A disastrous four win season under a combination of Osweiler and whatever unsigned stiff who becomes available in season would undoubtedly lead to some serious changes, most likely at the head coaching position cheap nike air jordan shoes.

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