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100 Pips in Under 25 Minutes – Easy as ABCD! (Forex Trading)

You read that right… how to earn 100 pips (that’s 0 if you trade just 1 mini-lot) in just under 25 minutes! An overview of the ABCD pattern and how to u…
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25 Responses to “100 Pips in Under 25 Minutes – Easy as ABCD! (Forex Trading)”

  • fxKnight:

    Just visit our site! Lots of free training videos + info on how to join our award-winning live coaching program.

  • stagan stagan:

    how can i be a member and get some information about how its working?I want to have a small income i dont want to be a millionare

  • fxKnight:

    Who said anything about “bareback”? Check out some of my other videos on placing stops and money management.

  • fxKnight:

    61.8 is your C for determining your D target (161.8). You typically do not enter AT C, you enter AFTER you see where C is (the nature of reversals is that they need to happen first, before you can see them). Amateurs waste their time predicting tops & bottoms, professional traders go for the meat in the middle.

  • aaronzebaron:

    How to make 100 pips in under 25 minutes? Find and instrument that moves 100 pips in 25 minutes and trade it bareback like an idiot. Yes, financial security indeed.

  • fxKnight:

    Hmm… doesn’t something become “history” the moment I post something on YoutTube? We do it on current & live charts all the time… why not come to one of our FREE webinars and see for yourself? Sure beats insulting people you know nothing about…

  • fxKnight:

    True! :-)

  • MarsMoonEuropa:

    hey thats not fair.

    I quite enjoy my job. And I’m happy with my pay. I’m just doing market trading because I find it interesting and hey, why not a little extra money?

    But good jobs are INTERESTING!!!

  • BookonForexTrading:

    That’s true – J.O.B is not the way to go. Learn how to trade forex properly and take control of your own future.

  • fxKnight:

    Just as well… I purposefully work with indicators which scale well.

  • fxKnight:


  • FreeTrendIndicators:

    How well does this work on intraday?

  • fxKnight:

    All my orders are market, I don’t wait for fills, I watch & react accordingly. You cannot anticipate a bounce, you wait until you see it and THEN go.

  • fxKnight:

    Right… I always recommend waiting for a new candle to open to make your decision. The idea is not to catch the absolute top or bottom, but the SAFE pips in-between.

  • MrVanzuday:


  • fxKnight:

    In theory, yes, but during news I’d recommend playing it safe.

  • Scott Maher:

    can you put more on each pip, say $1000 so u wull make $100,000 profit ?

  • rich young:

    amazing how the wick doesn’t hit the 61.8 yet your order fills. lol. when i place an order at 100 and the price gets to 99.94 … my order never fills. you are amazing!

  • fxKnight:

    Yes, personally I like 1H/4H combination (higher TF for trend/direction, lower TF for entry signals in THAT direction only). Back when this video was made I traded the 5M/30M combo, but since 2008 markets have been too choppy & skiddish, making longer-term swing trades far more profitable. I still use 5M during news time, however. The range trader (I think) uses 30M, sometimes 1H.

  • Semidio36:

    HI there Andrei in case you have missed my previous question, you say this video is over 4 years old. hich is fair enough. in a more recent webinar you recomend nothing less than 1 hour time-frames.
    with regards to this perticular video, what time frame(s) do you personally use ALSO, what time frames does your Super Range trader use?
    Kind Regards

  • fxKnight:

    Hey… in fairness, the is video is over 4 years old. Visit our website for newer, longer, and better. I never claimed to be a TV personality, only a profitable trader who wants to share. 🙂

  • Vinstra Damus:

    Almost 400 thousand views, Im more interested in how you did that.

  • meralodem:

    I am a rookie in forex but I liked your idea. I am not using fib or any other indicator. I just try to find those looong sticks for 5M and 1 M and I call the earthquake 🙂 After the earthquake, little quakes always come 🙂 and it works. Thank You for sharing

  • bestpickrus:

    I just want to know why he didnt show us his trades in his real account. I have been trading long enough to know that NO ONE LOSES money in forex. And this guy was a perfect example. He got in at the top of the DIP and got out RIGHT ON TIME! Oh please… If you want to see a real video on currency check this one out.

  • bestpickrus:

    You guys Love your Job huh? J ust O ver B roke! It keeps you just above broke, so you can come back for more.

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